You Can Write Great Ad Headlines

Write Great Headlines for Your Ads

Great headlines can make, or break, your advertising.

There is no denying the fact that the success of an advertisement lies mostly in the headline. The headline should attract the reader and make them read the rest of the advertisement. The headline should be catchy and various key points should be embedded when deciding on the headline for your ad.

The headline should catch the reader’s attention at first glance. Keywords in the headline should act as tags for the advertisement. The headline should emphasize the content that follows. If a company is selling reasonably priced furniture, the headline of their advertisement should be – “Durable furniture for less price”.

This headline will attract the right customers, those who are on the lookout for durable furniture, as well as low-cost furniture.

If the customers you’re trying to reach are interested in decorating their house with beautiful furniture, but aren’t concerned about the price, then the headline can be – “Change how your house looks with our designer furniture”.

Anything other than the products should not be included in the headline. If both men and women can use a product, both of them should be referred to in the title. Missing out on either one of them is like losing a huge number of potential customers.

Your headline should be an instant product seller.



According to research, five times more readers read only the headline when compared to those who read the complete advertisement. So, your investment is wasted, if the headline isn’t good enough to sell the product.

There is always a possibility that the ad content won’t be very strong, but if that happens, the damage can be minimized with a powerful headline.

The headline should be centered on the product and not the company that is selling the product. The customer’s interest should be reflected and they should feel that they are being addressed directly. Start by saying “you”, rather than “we”. If, for some reason, the company name must be mentioned, do not include it at the beginning of the headline. For example, instead of writing “Tylenol – the severe cold solution”, write “Got a severe cold? Try Tylenol”.

Never forget to mention the name of the product in the headline. The product name should be of top priority.

A snapshot of the product’s benefits should be given in the headline. This is an important aspect of a well-phrased headline. Customers look for advantages when deciding to buy a product. Keywords like whiter teeth, miraculous growth, or healthier cereal should be incorporated into the headline.

If including all these factors makes the headline long, remember to write the product advantages in bold.

If a visual is placed in the advertisement, it should complement the text. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words. Care should be taken to convey a story with your headline, and the visual should reinforce it. Don’t repeat the headline or the picture.

Don’t be overly clever when crafting a headline. Your audience encounters hundreds of advertisements each and every day. A regular reader scans the headlines on all of them. They will be able to distinguish between a false headline and a genuine headline. No false promises or information should be included in the headline.

Overly smart headlines may be good for winning awards and competitions, but they don’t really work with savvy consumers.

The headline should give the reader a positive impression. Negativity should be avoided. That’s not the impression you want to make. Your audience will not be receptive to such advertising.

If the headline confuses the reader, it may undermine the message being delivered. The headline should convey the message clearly and confidently.

Don’t include doubtful words like “if”, or “but”. Conditional phrases should also be avoided.

The sentence should be in the present tense, not the past, or future tense.

You can write great headlines. It just takes practice.

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12 thoughts on “Write Great Headlines for Your Ads”

  1. Hey Randy.Thank you for sharing this wonderful content about how to write appealing headline for the article.I agree with you that most viewers decide whether to read a content or not based on the the headings.So it’s important to write a heading that will create good impression to the viewers. I find this content informative on how to write good headings.Best wishes,

  2. I work in a digital marketing firm and I know that the value of catchy headlines for ads cannot be undermined. I have seen several advertising  campaigns that have been brought down all by the cruel hands of bad headlines. I second the point on this post that the name of the product should be featured on the headline of an advert so that the audience could know what they are to buy. 

  3.  Hi Randy,

    I was about to get off online when your headline got my eyes and couldn’t stop reading the article because this is dear to me in my business as a whole.

    Coincidentally, I have been doing numerous ads of late and as a result this article has been a God sent in that it has shed more light in the gray area of advertising. Everything I read is to the T and quite interesting for anyone to grab and understand your message. I like how you distinguish the newspaper headline to other headlines and the importance of both.  Likewise you explanation on Google keywords and its implementation is sound…  However, is not cheating to be looking at other peoples stuff to derive your own? Moreover, what is the point if you cannot be an original?

    I shall promote your site any chance I get moving forward so others will benefit just as I have.

    Best Regards,


    • Thanks for the feedback, Sidney. I would say that, yes, it could be cheating if you copy someone else’s headline, but I don’t think there is any harm in using other people’s work as inspiration. After all, that is how we learn most everything in life. Not that I am suggesting that we shouldn’t aim to be original, but there is a distinction between a headline and other content. For instance, a person can not copyright a title of a song, or book, only the work itself. 

  4. Headlines are very important in communicating with customers and attracting them to make a purchase. Newspaper companies do it on a daily; they must find a suitable headline that will have them sell as many copies as possible.
    It is true we encounter many adverts during the day from various product and service providers. So to stand out, one has to think carefully about their heading.

    I believe that if one is aware of the target audience and has set goals, it is possible to formulate a simple but catchy headline that will win over customers.
    Thank you, Randy, for your great insights.

    • You’re most welcome. Headlines are critical, whether it is for an ad, or for an article. There is only one chance to make a first impression.

  5. After watching the video, i got a clearer understanding of what you have narrated all through the article. getting the headlines of your advertisement right is a must if you want to command attention from people. and you have given real guidelines on this. thank you very much for posting this.

  6. Thank you very much for this awesome article on writing great headlines for our ads. advertising is one major are of affiliate marketing. and that is our to drive traffic to your site. the presentation has to be catchy in other to get the attention of the viewers. this is really helpful.


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