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Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Starter = Free / Premium = $49.00/monthly or $359/yearly
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

The Pros:

  • Extensive training (text & video based)
  • 24/7 Support
  • In-house web hosting (free & paid)
  • Built-in Affiliate Program

The Cons:

  • Tons of training resources might feel overwhelming.
  • The large community may seem difficult to navigate.
  • If you’re not committed, the extra accountability may be too much.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

The short answer is that Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone that is serious about having their own online marketing business. Not only does it offer an all-inclusive platform for launching our business, there is a vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs to help you along the way.

For newcomers to affiliate marketing, especially, Wealthy Affiliate takes a lot of the trial-and-error out of getting your business off the ground. The step-by-step guidance and training streamline the process and equips even newbies with the knowledge necessary to achieve success.

For someone like me, who already has some experience at online marketing, Wealthy Affiliate offers more advanced training. It also consolidates a lot of the different pieces of website management that would, otherwise, require separate numerous accounts and separate subscriptions. Wealthy Affiliate can increase efficiency for even a well-established marketer.

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Wealthy Affiliate Tools & Training

There are two primary training paths available for the newcomer to Wealthy Affiliate: Online Entrepreneur Certification & Affiliate Bootcamp. These programs offer 50, or 70, lesson modules respectively. On top of these cornerstone training courses, there are additional training lessons available that number in the 1,000’s. There are virtual classrooms and weekly live webinars.

To be honest, there is really more training available than most people could probably get through. That’s okay, though, because everyone charts their own path. Members can tailor their training needs to suit their own purposes and still have more than enough option to choose from.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t only about training. The platform offers virtually all of the tools you need to get your business up and running and to expand as it grows.

Members have access to in-house web hosting for their business sites. Domains can be acquired and content generated right from the Wealthy Affiliate interface. Although Wealthy Affiliate does offer its own affiliate program, they also maintain a directory of outside affiliate programs. Add to that a robust keyword research tool and you have a powerful marketing platform, but that’s without even digging to deeply into everything that is available through Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

One of the biggest and readily available channels for support is the community itself. With so many members, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs in their own right, it’s not hard to find answers to your questions.

If you still find yourself coming up short on answers, Wealthy Affiliate does have a Help Center you can utilize. Technical support for your website is available through a Site Support system, as well.

Wealthy Affiliate Price

To be clear, most everything mentioned so far is available under the free Starter Membership. Naturally, there are some limits, but even a free membership comes with free web hosting and all of the entry-level training modules.

You can choose to operate indefinitely on the Starter Membership, or if you decide Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for you, you can walk away without any financial loss. On the other hand, once you start to see some progress, upgrading to the Premium Membership unlocks a ton of additional resources.

The cost to be a Starter Member is free. I don’t think free requires much explanation, so let’s move on to the paid option.

When upgrading to a paid, Premium Membership, you have the option to either pay monthly, or annually. Monthly payments are $49.00, but if you pay for a year at once, you get a rather steep discount. Paying for a year at once drops the per month cost to $29.00 (for a total of $359).

My Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

Since you’re here at It’s Simply Marketing, I will assume that you are interested in making money with your own online business. Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help people do just that – succeed in their own online business.

Wealthy Affiliate has tools to fit every level of expertise and ability, from the absolute beginner to veteran marketers. At the same time, Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a marketing platform. It is also a community. In many ways, you could say that Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop shop for affiliate marketers.

Quick Recap

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Starter = Free / Premium = $49.00/monthly or $359/yearly
Overall Scam Rank: 9 out of 10

The Verdict + A Special Bonus

My final verdict for Wealthy Affiliate is that it is definitely worth a look for anyone interested in growing an online marketing business. With a no-risk Starter membership, I have no hesitation in recommending taking it for a “test drive”.

To put it another way, I believe in Wealthy Affiliate enough that I am a member myself. Even though I had already experience building and marketing multiple websites, I saw enough value in Wealthy Affiliate to make it the hub for my own online business.

I feel confident that someone new to the business will find at Wealthy Affiliate everything they need to place them on the path to success. They have the tools and the training. All you need to bring is a strong work ethic and willingness to learn.

Claiming your bonus:

When you sign up with the $0 Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you will receive a message from me to welcome you aboard. As my referral, I will be making myself available personally to mentor you along your journey. But that’s not actually the bonus! If you decide to upgrade to a Premium account within your first 7 days, you will receive a discount off of your first month. But that’s not the bonus, either! These little perks are simply what you get when you join as my referral.

When you sign up for FREE, I will include information about how to receive your special bonus content. Claiming your bonus will be easy, but I’ll explain it all to you once you get to the other side. Plus, I’ll offer some other tips to help get yourself on track.

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Still have questions, or concerns? Leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to help.

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  1. Learning about Affiliate Marketing was the best choice I made. Am still in the learning and training phase of it but one day I will reach my goal.

    • Affiliate Marketing is a great opportunity for anyone interested in being their own boss. Sure, it takes hard work, like any business, but it is so much more accessible than most business opportunities.


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