Quick Tips for New Marketers

Quick Tips for New Affiliate Marketers

Many people enter into affiliate marketing with extraordinary enthusiasm but lose steam when they don’t see instant results. Proper affiliate marketing takes time and diligence. In this article, you’ll learn where you ought to be putting your effort and how to get the results you’re shooting for.

As an affiliate marketer, you need an affiliate product to market. You can set up an affiliate account with each company you want to promote. Some networks represent multiple affiliate programs. You can go either route or both. Just confirm that the company you select has products that you are willing to promote. In the case of a network, make sure they have the programs you want. Each company will have its criteria for joining. If you’re new and don’t have much traffic yet, you may not get approved. Don’t lose heart, though. Find the ones you can join and come back to your first choices once you get some traction.

Each program will have one, or more, products you can market. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you believe in a product you’ve never used, and that might make you hesitant. Ask your affiliate programs if they offer test, or sample, products. If so, you can write an honest review of the product on your site. Many affiliate programs will do this, and it can increase your credibility if you write a review that seems genuine.

As you work on your business, you will begin to build things up. You’ll get a routine going that keeps you productive. That’s good, but don’t get lazy once you’ve got your site in good order. Take time to investigate new products and trends. Check your affiliate programs for updates. See if there are any new tools and ads that could increase the visual appeal of your site and make it more tempting for your visitors to click on your links.

If you’re using multiple traffic sources to market products, you want to be sure they all lead back to the same place. That place is your primary money-making platform. It may be common sense, but not everyone gets it. Some people post articles that link to various other locations. The idea, I guess, is to tinker with the SEO results. Doing this will not help your traffic, though. Submitting articles to other sites is a fabulous idea, but the primary purpose of doing that is to bring people to your site. Don’t lose sight of that.

“Cost per action” programs are yet another way to increase your affiliate commissions. Aside from making money when your visitors buy something, you can also get paid when your visitors do things like downloading games or filling out a form. The payouts are usually less with a “Cost per action” (CPA) program, but they are still worthwhile. It’s is generally easier to convince someone to perform a simple action than to make a purchase. The individual payouts may be less, but you’ll likely get more actions than sales, so you may still come out ahead.

Another option affiliate marketers can take advantage of is to offer pre-sales. If that’s something you can do with your affiliate programs, jump on the opportunity. Adding a link to your page isn’t likely to generate all that much money if that’s the only thing you’re doing. Instead, take the time and explain why your visitors should click on those links. Convince them to commit to the purchase before the product hits the market. For that matter,

Tier 2 commissions are another way to get money from your affiliate ventures. Affiliate partners pay you tier 2 rewards once you recruit someone else to partner with them. Recruiting other affiliates can be challenging but profitable. Remember to research your partners’ tier 2 benefits beforehand, and consider which have the most profit potential.

About once a year, recycle the emails that made you the most money. This will make sure that new subscribers see that content, and will convert additional sales. There will be old subscribers who don’t remember receiving it the first time, and they might click through for more deals, too.

Treating your affiliate business as a legitimate business is the best way to attract traffic. It works because it’s the truth. It is a legitimate business. Get your site listed with business directories to increase your exposure and drive more traffic. Include your website address in your email signatures. Do all the little things that real businesses do to reinforce a positive image.

Some people give up on affiliate marketing before they even get started. Don’t let that be you. Your profits may not be impressive in the early stages of your business, but that can all change if you implement the principles discussed in this article. Stick with it and do things right. You can achieve great success with affiliate marketing.

8 thoughts on “Quick Tips for New Affiliate Marketers”

  1. I have been turned down by some affiliate programs already but I figured it was because I don’t have the traffic yet. It seems like a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. In order to get traffic, it seems you need products people are looking for but to market products people are looking for you need traffic. It takes time to break this cycle. I see some great points of breaking the cycle such as getting into routine ans sticking to it. I appreciate the advice. 

    • Yes, some programs require a site to meet certain traffic thresholds. Still, if you check around, there are programs that have more lenient criteria. As you say, getting into a routine and sticking to it is important. As you consistently build up your content, the traffic will follow. Without traffic, you could belong to 100 affiliate programs and it wouldn’t make much difference.

  2. Hey Randy. Thanks for doing this post.I agree that good things takes time to come.i have found this post to encourage many people who might be feeling like they want to quit.This tips when implemented i believe they can lead to success in the WA.Best wishes continue with the good work.

    • Hi, Alex. The surest way to fail is to quit. As long as we keep pushing forward, even a little at a time, there is always a chance for success. 

  3. Great tips and guidance like this does not come very often and that is why i am keeping a cpy of this to refer to at any time. if i had tips like these earlier on in my quest for starting online marketing, i would have made more impact. i would really like to thank you for taking out time to share this. it is insightful.

  4. articles like these are what i need now as they help me establish myself. i quit my job about 3 months ago with the aim of going into affiliate marketing and generating income for myself from the comfort of my home. i would like to share this article with some of my friends. thank you very much

    • You’re welcome. Best wishes to you as you pursue your new business. Feel free to share the article with others.


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