Canva Review

Canva Review for the Graphically Challenged

Canva Review

Name: Canva


Price: Free / $12.95 Mo. / $119.40 Yr.

Overall Rank: 10 out of 10

Canva Product Overview

Canva is a browser based DIY visual design program. Packed with templates for numerous design projects, its easy drag and drop system let’s even the graphically challenged create eye-catching, professional looking materials for business, or personal use.


  • Customizable templates for numerous project types
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Multiple export options


  • Even with paid account, a few options require an additional fee

Who Is Canva For?

Canva is for anyone (like me) who needs quality graphic designs, but lacks the skills do it themselves. It is suitable for anyone who does not want to outsource their design work, which can be costly. Lastly, it is for people who may have graphic design skills, but are looking for an easy way to finish routine projects quickly and to keep them in one, central online location that can be accessed from anywhere.

Canva Tools &Training;

Creating a design project in Canva is actually quite intuitive, so you the training requirements are minimal to get started. That being said, Canva does provide some great resources that can teach you how to improve your designs, as well as how to implement branding strategies and other business oriented design applications. Most of the training can be found in Canva’s “Design School”, but they include helpful tips and information in their blog.

The primary tool on Canva is their design creation module. This is where you create each project, either starting with one of Canva pre-made templates, or building your own from scratch. The templates cover a very wide array of themes and purposes and are highly customizable.

There is a section on Canva called the “Brand Kit” that let’s you save all the logos, fonts and color palettes associated with your brand in one place, so you can always reference it when working in Canva.

Additionally, there is an app section that allows users to directly interface with their favorite media, such as Facebook, YouTube and more.

Canva Support

In terms of support, Canva provide a user guide, as well as a FAQ that covers the most common user problems. When all else fails, they provide a trouble ticket system to submit your issues for technical support.

Canva Price

It is free to set up an account at Canva. Most of the functions and many of their high-quality templates are available as a free user. This isn’t a free trial, either. Personally, I used a free account for a year before deciding to upgrade and was able to do most everything I wanted using the elements available under a free account.

If you decide you want the full Canva library of options, you can sign up for paid account at what I consider to be quite reasonable rates. Paying by the month, it costs $12.95. If you pay for a year in one lump sum ($119.40), the cost comes out to $9.95 per month. If you’ve ever hired a freelancer to do design work, you know that a single project can cost this much.

My Opinion of Canva


I am a big fan of Canva. It is brilliant tool and I am very happy that I learned about it. The logos on this site were created using Canva. Even though I chose to keep my branding scheme fairly simple (in keeping with the website name), it would have been just as easy to produce more complex graphics.

I have used Canva more extensively for other websites and projects, but I have only scratched the surface of what they have to offer. I am confident that most people would be able to improve the look of their websites, or other design projects, by using Canva.

Quick Recap

Name: Canva


Price: Free / $12.95 Mo. / $119.40 Yr.

Overall Rank: 10 out of 10


The final verdict on Canva is a big, enthusiastic thumbs up. Aside from the logos I use on this site, I’ve included a couple of other design examples that were created with Canva.

If you sign up for an account with Canva using my referral link down below, you will get a complimentary Canva credit that can be applied to any premium features on the site.


Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you have experience using Canva, I’d like to hear about that, too.


8 thoughts on “Canva Review for the Graphically Challenged”

  1. Yess!

    I use canva on a daily basis. I think it’s so much easier for beginners instead of trying to graph photoshop. It’s really easy to get lost there and everything that you have included in canva takes hours to master in photoshop for example.

    Informative and great post! Thank you.

    / John

    • I am not graphic designer, that’s for sure. Although I do appreciate the talent involved in it, it’s not really my passion. So, a program like Canva is great for someone like me, who needs a lot of design work, but has a limited skill set. You’re right about taking hours to master something in Photoshop. It takes me more time just searching for video on YouTube to teach me a single task than it does to create the entire project on Canva.

  2. I run a small company and I need to prepare pictures for marketing campaigns, your review of Canva that my daughter recommended is really helpful to me. I didn`t realise they offer training within their site, I will now explore that feature.  The fact that I can make a start and use many of their features is also very attractive, thank you for highlighting that too. You are clearly a fan as you say.  Do you think it is sufficient for most people to use the free version? I have made a note of your url, when I enter Can** I shall refer back to see the sections I should explore.  Thank you for your advice.

    • I do think the free version is sufficient for most people. As I mentioned in the article, I got by for at least a year with a free account. I probably still could, honestly, but I decided to upgrade and find out if I would get enough value from the extra features to justify making a premium membership part of my budget. I am enjoying the premium account, but for the type and amount of design work I need, it may be overkill for me. I can see where someone else would want to spend the money, though, depending on their line of work. 

  3. Oh! Canvas is definitely worth the rating. Definitely one of the best ever graphics designing platforms and one thing that really delights me more is the excess templates already on ground and so many more. Seriously! This is great to see and thank you. I guess I will be depending majorly more on canvva for the times to come now especially whenever there’s a demand for everything. Tganks

    • Yes, there are a ton of templates, even with a free membership. I am always surprised by what I find. My main problem is that they have so much, I have to be careful not to waste a lot of time looking through it all when I’m supposed to be doing something else.

  4. I personally use Canva (currently in its free trial period) and this is the only thing I have to add to your review: I definitely love it!

    I’ve started using it like 2 weeks away or so. I used it to deliver a company new product line presentation. Canva helped me to deliver the expected “Wao” effect without costing me too much effort. It is great for people that need to be constantly creating graphically engaging images like blog writers and presenters of all kinds but it could also become quite handy for school and sales presentations.

    Great product review post! 

    • I have been actively writing since I was a kid, so unless I happen to be really struggling with writer’s block, I can turn out paragraph after paragraph all day if I need to. When it comes to graphics and design, though, that’s not where my talents are. I have a decent eye for it, but generating the initial ideas and creating the project are a different story. Operating a website and doing other communication functions, I frequently need quality design work, so Canva is a lifesaver. They don’t have a cash payment affiliate program, so when I endorse them, it is purely because I find their service valuable. I can’t think of another service, regardless of what field its in, that offers a comparable product for free.


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