About Me

Hello! Welcome to Simply Marketing. My name is Randy. Since you’re here, my guess is that we have something in common. Like me, you are probably interested in how to make money online. You may have even figured out that having an online business means, essentially, doing internet marketing. The internet is a form of media and huge repository of information, which we can simply refer to as content. So, the easiest way to think about engaging in an online business may be to simply think of it as content marketing.

My Story

I have spent many years in the workforce, mostly managing business operations. I’ve also spent a good deal of time involved with media, working in radio, as a writer and editor and have been engaged online since the early days of the internet. Communication and content creation have been life long interests for me. I even got my degree in Communication.

Not only did my study of Communication introduce me to different aspects of marketing, advertising, PR and publishing, but my work life has given me a good deal of practical experience in the field. I’ve spent a lot of time using my skills to manage other people’s business, but that often left me with little time to pursue my own business goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a decent living that way but, like you (I assume), my primary interest was in working for myself. That’s why, a few years ago, I made the decision to leave my corporate career and strike out on my own.

This Is Where You Come In

Over the course of my career, I hired, trained and mentored a lot of people. Some of my former employees that I took under my wing would go on to bigger and better things, sometimes surpassing my own achievements. Some were just starting out in the workforce and I was able to get them headed down the right path toward success. I had a lot of experience and training, but I’d also learned a lot of lessons the hard way. Passing all of that on to other people was always a satisfying part of my work life.

Here’s the truth. I don’t miss the corporate rat race. Not at all. It kept a roof over my head and helped feed my family, but it also involved a lot of stress. Through it all, no matter how hard I worked and how much money I made, someone else was always reaping more benefit from my work than I was. Someone else always had the last word and set the priorities. Since leaving that behind, I have never once woke up and thought, “gee, I wish I was still putting in 50 hours a week working for someone else”.

There is one thing that I miss, though. I miss the people that worked for me. Honestly, I don’t miss all of them. Some of them weren’t motivated, or willing to do what it took to get themselves ahead. Others had no interest in doing anything more than they were already doing. A few seemed to lack goals, or ambition. That being said, many of them did want to get ahead. Many of them did have goals they were striving towards and many of them were willing to soak up everything they could learn, in order to reach those goals. Those are the people I miss, because I miss being able to help and mentor others.

If you’re here, my guess is that you are looking for a way to work for yourself, making money online. I’m guessing you are motivated and have goals you are hoping to achieve. Maybe you’ve been putting in an effort for someone else, but now you want to focus more on getting yourself ahead. All you need is some help in figuring out how to do that. Like those former employees of mine, you are ready and willing, you just need some guidance.

So, Why Are We Here?

Everything stated above is why we are here, you and I both. I’ve built up a good deal of knowledge and experience (though, I’m still trying to learn more all the time), but I miss being able to mentor others. You’re exploring ways to work for yourself online, making money from content marketing and related business practices. I want to continue toward my own goals and build my own business, but I also want to help others do the same.

Simply Marketing is about doing just that. This is where I share resources for internet entrepreneurs, helping them along in their journey. In the process, I keep moving along in my journey. I don’t need employees, though. I’m looking for people who want to be their own boss. My interest is in helping people who have gotten to the point that I got to, saying “now’s the time to put my business into motion, instead of going through the motions for someone else’s business”.

There are roughly 4 billion people worldwide on the internet. More and more of those people are spending money online. At the same time, it’s never been easier to start a business online at only a fraction of the overhead cost of running a traditional company. It still takes a lot of work, that’s absolutely true, but it can be done. You have to put in the effort and have patience, but it’s not as complicated as you might think.

If you can’t go all in at once, that’s fine. Take one step at a time and build your future. The key is to take that first step. Then take another. That’s the only way to get to where you want to be. Simply Marketing is here to provide knowledge and resources to help you along the way. Are you ready to see where this road can take you?

All the best,

Founder of Simply Marketing

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